Tips for Airbrushing a Face on Your Business Sign

Airbrushed faces are an effective graphic tool that can draw attention to the signs of some businesses. Airbrushed faces are especially useful on signs for beauty salons, cosmetic stores, tattoo parlors, and some niche businesses like skateboard shops. These tips will help you create a sign with an air-brushed face that draws the attention of onlookers and attracts people to your store. 

Place Eyes Close to the Most Important Part of the Sign

The eyes of the face will automatically draw the attention of the people viewing the sign. Placing the eyes far away from the name of the business can backfire by preventing potential customers from reading the sign at all. Place the eyes of the face close to the most important part of the sign, which is in many cases the actual name of the business.

Match the Face to the Purpose of the Business

The face that you choose to garnish your sign with should be a kind of advertisement for your business, either by literally showing what your business does, or by illustrating a typical customer. For example, if your business is a beauty salon, airbrush a face that features a stunning hair style done in the manner typical of the stylists that your business employs. If your business is a bike shop, the faces on your sign should look like faces of your customers. In other words, the face on your sign should show potential customers that they have come to the right spot, because they can identify with the face on the sign. 

Choose the Mood on the Face Carefully

The face on your sign shouldn't reflect the way that you want your customers to feel about your products, but should reflect the mood of your customers in their normal lives. If your customers are tough bikers, then the face on your sign should be equally tough. If your customers are typical 14-year-old girls, then the mood on your sign's face should be typical of a 14-year-old girl: bubbly, happy, smiling. 

People identify with faces, and are naturally drawn to images of faces. As a result, a face can be a powerful graphic element. When properly used on your business's sign, a face can draw in customers and attract the exact right crowd for your business. For more information, speak with a skilled and experienced graphic designer who specializes in airbrushing signs for businesses.