Designing Custom Banners To Promote Your Business

Promoting your business is crucial to its success. Your target market needs to know that your company is open for business and what your business has to offer. Custom banners help you relay information about your business to people throughout your local area, and they can be made fairly cheap by any company that offers digital printing services. However, before you order a custom banner for your business, there are several design aspects that you need to consider.

Banner Size

The size of the banner you order depends on where and how your banner is displayed. For example, if you're trying to attract people driving past your building, you'll need a banner with larger letters so that the banner is visible to drivers for several seconds. However, mid-sized banners work well at trade shows where people have more time to read the words on your banner. You can make the process simple by choosing your letter size and wording first, and then, purchasing a banner that's large enough to the wording needed.

Banner Colors

Color triggers emotional and physical responses in people, so you need to choose the colors of your banner wisely.

  • Red is an energetic color that attracts impulse shoppers, which is why it's frequently used on sale signs. You'll often find red accompanied by yellow, because yellow makes people feel happy. If you're looking for enthusiastic, impulse shoppers, consider using orange letters on your sign -- a combination of aggressive red and cheerful yellow.
  • Blue and green are calming colors. They are often used by financial institutions in advertisements because people the make people feel secure and represent stability. If you're trying to attract budget shoppers or a more traditional crowd, both are good options.
  • Black, white, and gray are all common secondary colors for banners, and even though they are considered neutral, they do have an impact. If you're trying to attract impulse shoppers, choose black as a secondary color to make a big impact. However, for everyday advertising or attracting long-term customers, opt for white or a mid-tone gray.


People don't take the time to read elaborately worded banners, so keep your wording simple. For example, if you're having a sale in your store, use a simple sign that says "sale" or tells your customers the percentage off of the regular price they'll receive while shopping at your store. The key is to relay your message without being wordy, but don't forget to include your company's name and contact information on your sign if needed.

For more information, contact Houston Signs Ltd or a similar company.